Rewards and Sanctions


In order to encourage desirable behaviour in the school, the emphasis is on encouraging children to behave well and praise is given for commendable behaviour. Certain strategies may be utilised to reward good behaviour. a system of ‘good Choices/Poor Choices’ is in operation in our school.


The overall responsibility for discipline within the school rests with the Principal. It is hoped that all pupils, parents and staff will share a sense of responsibility about the good conduct in the school.

The following strategies may be included as appropriate ways to show disapproval of unacceptable behaviour.

• Reasoning with the pupil.

• Advice on how to behave

• Reprimand.

• Temporary separation from peers, friends or others.

• Loss of privileges.

• Detention during a break.

• Prescribing additional work for home or school.

• Referral to Principal.

• Communication with parents.

• Suspension.

• Expulsion.

• Communication with parents will be verbal or by letter, depending on the circumstances. The parents concerned may be invited to come to the school to discuss their child’s case.

• Where there are repeated instances of misbehaviour, the Chairperson of the Board of Management may be informed and the parents shall be invited to meet with the Principal and the Chairperson of the above as appropriate.

• If the parents and where appropriate, the pupil do not give an undertaking that the pupil will behave in an acceptable manner in the future, the pupil may be suspend- ed for a temporary period. suspension will be in accordance with the terms of rule 130(5) of the Rules for National schools.

• In the case of serious misbehaviour the board has authorised the Chairperson and/or the Principal to sanction an immediate suspension pending discussion of the matter with parents.

• Expulsion will be considered, where appropriate in accordance with rule 130(6) and the National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB) guidelines for schools section 12.